Tomates – Time Management 7.4番茄工作法工具



  • +报告来比较你的生产力
  • +美丽的图形,以眨眼的方式检查你的进展
  • +自定义任务时间
  • +自定义短和长的休息时间
  • +当休息或任务完成时,选择播放声音
  • +设置一个工作系列有多少任务
  • +任务计时器可以暂停/恢复/重置
  • +会话和目标计数器可以重置

Tomates Time Management helps you to improve your productivity using one of the most effective management method in personal or pair working environments.

The app is highly configurable in aspects like time for breaks or tasks, notifications, task series, all of it in a beautiful and detailed interface.

We say Hi! to Touch Bar
Proud to announce Tomates Time Management adds support to Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

Inside Tomates Time Management you will find…
+ Reports to compare your productivity
+ Beautiful graphs to check your progress in a blink of an eye
+ Customize task time
+ Customize short and long break time
+ Choose to play a sound or not when a break or a task has finished
+ Set how many tasks are a Work Serie
+ The task timer can be paused/resumed/reseted
Session and Goal counters can be reseted

What’s New

Version 7.4

This new release include…

+ New design for Activity and Atento
+ Fixed a bug that prevent Atento information to be tracked in some cases

Thanks to our users for his emails and tweets with his comments and suggestions. Your feedback is very important for us. Send your comments to…

tomates [at] desappstre [dot] com
@getpomodoroapp at twitter

We put a lot of effort on this new version. If you enjoy it, we’d really appreciate if you could give us a review on the App Store. Thanks!

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System requirements / 系统要求
OS X 10.8 or later Intel, 64-bit processor
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