OmniOutliner Pro 5 v5.0.4

OmniOutliner Pro is a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Give your creativity a kick start by using an application that’s actually designed to help you think. It’s like having an extra brain – one that doesn’t keep losing the car keys. “more…”


OmniOutliner 5.0.4 is a minor update containing a number of bug fixes.

Recent Changes

• General: The Paste command functions in the save panel and document name popover. This also allows TextExpander to work in these cases.
• Exports: Exporting password protected documents to non-OmniOutliner file formats will correctly leave the output unencrypted.
• Copy/Paste: Moving rows between an .oo3 file and an .ooutline file that has the note icon column in different positions will correctly map column values.
• Outline View: Using the Show All Notes command when notes are collapsed in hidden rows will properly toggle the notes and update the command to change to Hide All Notes.
• Outline View: When the Scale to fit page width print option is off, page break indicators will appear when resizing a column by dragging on the column edge.
• Paste: Using the Paste command when content is copied from Nisus Writer will correctly paste without styles.
• Paste: Using the Paste command when content is copied from Google Chrome’s address bar will correctly paste without styles.
• Inspectors: The Long format label in the Column Type inspector for Duration columns has the correct background color.
• Sidebar: The checkboxes for Named Styles in the Styles sidebar no longer flicker when moving between rows with the arrow keys.
• General: Removed the locking ability of tabs in the sidebar and inspectors as they don’t serve any purpose in v5.
• Style View: The Style View row highlighting will clear when clicking in empty space above or below the outline.
• Document Stats: Note content will be counted in the Document Stats even when the column displaying the note icons is hidden.
• Columns: All documents in Essentials mode will use an autosizing outline column regardless of how the setting is configured.
• Exports: Fixed exporting to docx format when non-image attachments are embedded in the file. These files are not supported by the format and will be represented by the name of the attachment.
• Exports: Fixed exporting to the xlsx format when cells contain nothing but a link.

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OS X 10.11 or later
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