CleanMyMac 3 3.9.4 最好的mac清理工具

CleanMyMac为您喜爱的东西腾出空间。 体验一系列巧妙的新功能,CleanMyMac可让您安全智能地扫描和清理整个系统,删除大量未使用的文件,缩小iPhoto图库的大小,卸载不需要的应用程序或修复开始不正常工作的应用程序,管理所有 您可以从一个地方进行扩展,还可以做更多的事情 – 全部来自一个新设计和精美简洁的界面。

CleanMyMac makes space for the things you love. Sporting a range of ingenious new features, CleanMyMac lets you safely and intelligently scan and clean your entire system, delete large, unused files, reduce the size of your iPhoto library, uninstall unneeded apps or fix the ones that started to work improperly, manage all your extensions from one place and do much more – all from one newly designed and beautifully simple interface.


Version 3.9.4:

  • Added: Temporary Holiday Theme.
  • Improved: iDrive uninstallation.
  • Fixed: Messages did not actually get deleted from the Messages app via the Privacy module.
  • Fixed: System color profiles could not be changed after cleanup.
  • Fixed: CleanMyMac failed to uninstall some of the Airmail app components.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later


  • Developer: MacPaw
  • Price: $39.95
  • File Info: CleanMyMac 3
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System requirements / 系统要求
OS X 10.8 or later Intel, 64-bit processor
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