BlueHarvest 6.4.0 for mac 清理DS_Store

BlueHarvest 可以保持非 Mac 磁盘和文件服务器清洁的最简单的方式。
BlueHarvest 可以从您的 U盘,音乐播放器,SD卡和文件服务器等设备中自动删除 DS_Store 和 _ AppleDouble 文件。你也可以在任何磁盘或者文件点击右键选择 “使用 BlueHarvest 清理”来清理垃圾文件。
。BlueHarvest允许您指定的驱动器,并建立了系统文件夹。(支持MS-DOS / FAT,EXFAT和NTFS)
Version 6.4.0:

  • Added folders are now cleaned during schedulded cleaning
  • Added folders which can no longer be correctly identified are showed with an ‘X’ in the icon
Screenshot / 软件截屏
System requirements / 系统要求
OS X 10.9 or later
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密码: 84zk 解压密码
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