Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 4.1.12 超赞Mac磁盘克隆备份工具

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac是一款优于普通备份的Mac磁盘克隆备份工具。



Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac可将您Mac上的数据和操作系统的数据都保存在一个可启动的卷,为消息通知弹出时做准备。

当Mac无法响应或其他崩溃问题时,只需从备份中启动就能在Mac上恢复使用。您可以更换故障硬盘驱动器,然后让Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac恢复操作系统,直接从一个简单的步骤备份您的数据和设置。
任何备份应用程序可以保留你的数据。Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac启动备份将提高您的工作效率!
Version 4.1.10:
Note: Post-update action items for macOS 10.12 Sierra users:
If you have a backup task that specifies a remote Macintosh, you will have to recreate and reinstall the Authentication Credentials Installer package. See below for additional details.
If you have a backup task that specifies a disk image on a locally-attached hard drive, please restart your system after applying the 4.1.10 update. See below for additional details.

Tasks listed in the postflight task popup menu are now sorted alphabetically.
Apple relaxed some restrictions on sparsebundle disk images in macOS Sierra. On these systems, CCC now allows creating and mounting sparsebundle disk images on SMB sharepoints.
To accommodate changes in macOS Sierra, CCC now creates RSA key pairs for use with the Remote Macintosh option. If you create a new Authentication Credentials Installer Package (ACIP) with this version of CCC, CCC will replace an existing DSA-based key pair on the local Mac. As a result, you must (re)install the ACIP on all remote Macs that you currently have configured in your backup tasks.
Recovery HD tasks are prohibited when running on battery power, but this update adds an exception for USB-C MacBooks. For those systems, CCC will explain why the limitation is usually imposed, that an exception is allowed, and that you should take care to not allow the system to sleep for the duration of the Recovery HD creation task. More details on this change are available in the documentation.
This update to CCC will migrate CCC’s keychain file from the user home folder to a global location. Among other issues, this resolves issues where folks couldn’t update the password for a NAS volume associated with a particular task if that task was created while logged in to some other user account. That was an esoteric issue that doesn’t seem like it should happen a lot, but the number of reports gave us the impetus to address the matter once and for all.

Fixed an issue in which creating an empty custom filter would cause the Filters window to misbehave.
Fixed a logic issue that would cause the “Reset” button to not be displayed when a mounted-disk-image-on-NAS task failed because CCC lacked credentials to mount the underlying NAS volume.
Developed a workaround for a bug in macOS Sierra in which the system becomes unresponsive when working with a disk image on a locally-attached hard drive when the disk image was mounted via a background process. If your backup tasks specify a disk image on a locally-attached disk, please restart your system after applying the 4.1.10 update to fully implement the fix. [Apple bug #28320410]
Developed a workaround for a bug in macOS Sierra in which FileVault could not be enabled on the destination volume. [Apple bug #28015519]

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OS X 10.8 or later
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